a narrative driven AR game


The Art of Tech - 2/27/2019

Moonbloom will be part of The Art of Tech. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy an immersive evening filled with: VR Experiences. Projection Mapping. Live Music Performances. Immersive Art. All hosted at the beautiful new Venice hotspot The Waterfront.

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At a time and place, somewhere not quite here… You inherit a wondrous land called Adara. But it is your first world, and you accidentally set off a chain of disastrous events. Now it’s up to you and a lone fox named Luna to save Adara from becoming forever lost.

The creators of Moonbloom are inspired by traditional fables and intrigued by the unique storytelling power of Augmented Reality. We hope you join us on the adventure.


The In.flux Reality Mixer - 12/01/18

Moonbloom will be on public display December 1st in DTLA! The In.flux Reality Mixer is a pop-up innovation lounge, blending TED-style talks with immersive technology demos and a digital art installation.

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Spatial Reality - 10/12/18–10/28/18

Our first public showing of Moonbloom on the Magic Leap.

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